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      • Summer, 76: Recorded temperature, excellent year for French wines… Julie’s birth… forseeing that Julie will need sunlight.

      • Winter, 77: Mel was born in the sunny South of France region, Montpellier… but she chose the wrong season, winter! She modified her path 6 months later and moved in African Jungle to live!

      • Julie hesitated (that is due to her Gemini’s side) but, after many years in Paris, she finally decided to join Mel in Africa… And, it was already 1986!

      • The moment of Truth: Tremendously intense years between Senegal and the Ivory Coast in Africa: the discovery of a heartwarming culture, an intensity of of laughter, the awakening to rough and simple emotions… Vibrate and learn how to respect differences.

      • 1994: With their pockets packed with sun, the two girls went on exil to Paris, in a «high school residence» in order to attend preparatory classes. It was still some kind of jungle except much more boring than the real one! We had to tell you, those were not our best time!

      • 1996: Mel chose to be an «Engineer», finding herself in a school where the majority of students were boys, how smart! While Julie started at the business school, highly motivated to take care of the sports association and give dance classes instead of studying for her accounting exams!

      • 1999: Mel, not a girl for nothing, is passionate about elixirs of well-being, then went to work for L’Oréal on cosmetics and “skin barrier function”. As for Julie, she decided to go traveling around the United States and Italy (officially, it was part of her job: the MBA program and an internship in Milan).

      • 1999/2007: Making potteries, taking pictures, contributing to the elimination of illiteracy, enjoying herself with Thai massage and restaurants, Mel’s life couldn’t be more colorful!

      • 2000/2003: Julie finally decided to get a job, joined the cosmetic world too, at Henkel’s marketing department, she found herself surrounded by a passionate and innovative group.
    • 2005 : Mel, always at L’Oréal, decided to become a European expert… I think she began to deal with highly strategic missions … like hair coloring. You’ll understand!

    • 2004: Julie feelt the urge to travel again (dance wasn’t enough for her anymore) so she went to work for Pepsi! There, life pulsed! Discovering bubbling beverages with a great and lively team … and a lot of work (note: a lot of parties too!)

    • 2007: The sea was calling Mel so she moved to the South-East France, there she joined the world of production and quality.

    • 2007: Again Julie got a little tired of city life and was desperate for fresh air. She went to South America, where she spent 9 months traveling throughout the countryside and finding outstanding commitments at a humanitarian and ecological association. Now she speaks Spanish … except that no one could even understand her!

    • 2008: Julie missed Mel. So she joined her in the South of France and took charge of an affiliate in South East located in Aix-en-Provence.

    • November 2008: The crisis, unemployment, bad news… This idea popped up in Saint Cyr sur Mer: We want life, to have fun and sun!

    • February 2009: Decision of creating our own cosmetics brand… We want it to be «anti-blues», very simple and100% local.

    • March 2009: Birth of Pulpe de Vie.

    • November 2009: Julie moved to Marseille and created «The Hive» and the head office of “Pulpe de Vie”.

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