Handy little bazaar

Everything you need to make the most of our care products ORGANIC

because feeling good is anything but incidental

Here's everything you need to make everyday life easier, while protecting the planet!

No need to search, when everything is provided in one place: accessories to apply or carry your products, to add comfort or to offer a great gift, in addition to our usual skincare ranges.

These accessories have all been rigorously selected for their robust, durable and responsible eco-friendly materials of natural origin. They guarantee you'll be able to use them for a very long time! They're all made in France, or in Europe (Spain and Belgium) in the case of boxes and textiles.

For example, the wooden toothbrush is made from anti-waste French beech.

The cork soap box is made from agglomerated cork offcuts, a waste product from the wine cork industry.

And the foutah is woven in Spain from recycled cotton.

Responsible accessories for uncompromising beauty!