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anti-waste fruit care: what is it?

Yes, we are concretely committed to against waste (really!)

Did you know that every year in France, 10 million tons of food products are thrown away before they even reach our plates, a third of them being already discarded at the harvest stage?

Our commitment: we do contribute to the fight against this immense food waste, at our own level. How can we do this? By using only downgraded fruits and vegetables of small organic French producers that are discarded from food circuits because they are considered "badly sized" or "damaged". Our fruits therefore come from organicunsold fruit & vegetables. 

On average, thanks to our intervention, 5 tons of fruits and vegetables per year are thus saved from the trash and transformed into vitamin-rich skin care products. This is what upcycling is : giving a second life to what still has so much potential, despite appearances 🙂

It is this conscious approach that allows us to be the only French cosmetic brand not to draw on food stocks to develop our care products. And you now what ? Our products still bring your skin all the benefits of natural fruit actives!

Expert care with recognized active ingredients

Who said that organic necessarily means with less efficiency? Enriched with patented active ingredients, our formulas are especially developed to meet the needs of each skin type. Sourced in our partner-laboratories according to strict specifications, they effectively address the beauty concerns of each age group thanks to a choice ofexpert ingredients and precisely dosed plant-based active ingredients.

Truly personalized skin care with 6 face ranges,the 6 of them certified organic ! The efficiency of those care products has been scientifically demonstrated by independant dermatological test and each product is sensorial and made with complementary active ingredients.

One of the expert ingredients we are most proud of? Prebiotics, a "fertilizer" for good bacteria derived from sugar which naturally and visibly rebalances the skin thanks to its beneficial action on the skin microbiota. Our customers say it: the results are simply amazing!

clean & natural CARE

Is it necessary to specify this? The composition of each care product is the subject of rigorous attention and our formulas are the result of a drastic selection that only keepsa list of hand-picked ingredients, at least 99% from natural origin. Our products are all certified ORGANIC by an independent organization, the Ecocert Greenlife label, which controls us every year.

We have built a blacklist with all the controversial or dubious ingredients known to date, which we automatically discard, even if they are less expensive... (a hello to our less careful competitors!) We make sure to find natural alternatives when necessary to replace the ingredients in question, using for example black radish as a preservative, or olive derivatives to replace silicone.

committed to protecting our planet

Our concept? It is as simple as the composition of our products: 100% of our care products are certified organic, the ingredients are of plant-based and are picked as close as possible to their place of transformation. Then we add a lot of energy, good mood and... nothing else!

Because respect for living beings is at the heart of our values, our products are vegan, i.e. without any ingredient of animal origin; except for 3 of them(Sucré Frappé, The Serum and The Wrinkle Killer) which contain honey, beeswax or propolis from sustainably managed hives.
Producing quality skin care products is good; making them accessible to everyone is better! Face, body, hygiene: our organic care products are designed for the whole family and compatible with all wallets,with low prices from 2,98€. Because organic does not not have to be expensive!

With us, there are no little asterisks or nasty surprises on the back of the packaging: transparency is our watchword! That's why we display the INCI list (= list of ingredients) on each product sheet, along with a translation that everyone can understand, without needing a degree in chemistry.
Relying on a close-knit network of farmers and processors, our entire production chain is based in France, from the tree to the tube.

From our boxes to our bottles, from the packaging to the formulation, our product is guaranteed tricolore in its entirety, thanks to a trustful relationship and proximity with our partners.

No industrial giant hidden behind us: Pulpe de Vie is a REAL small cosmetic company, one of the last ones to be present in the mass market and fighting to remain so!
Plastic is not fantastic: we know this, and we work every day to improve our solutions to package care products in an optimal way while limiting their impact on the environment.

All our packaging takes this into account: made from recycled plastic, they are themselves recyclable. The new eco-responsible XL hygiene formats help limit plastic consumption and will soon be refillable thanks to ecopacks we plan to launch in 2023!

In order to fit the cosmetics regulations' standards, we can't completely eliminate the case from our tubes, but we have lightened it by 40% less cardboard. It is FSC certified (from sustainably managed forests), and totally recycled & recyclable.

committed to the future

From the beginning, Pulpe de Vie has been a brand proud of its roots in the French capital of sunshine and spontaneity: the beautiful city of Marseille, bathed in Mediterranean light. Our headquarters could not be anywhere else but on the mythical Canebière!

Goodbye, conventional and boring organic care: we have taken colors and "joie de vivre" from the South to put it in our vitaminized care products. This is our way to make you bring a little bit of the Provencal dolce vita at home.
Pulpe de Vie is also a human-sized company, created and directed by a dynamic and inspiring woman entrepreneur, Julie Ducret.

With a dozen employees in the team, it is a small, agile and responsive company: a model that allows it to be flexible, to innovate constantly and to quickly adapt to market changes. And this in an authentic family atmosphere, far from the superficiality of Parisian start-ups!

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