Certified skin care ORGANIC to protect your skin

Delicate, particularly fragile skin?
That's a good thing, our care products have a protective sense!

Sensitive skin: do not abstain :)

Your favorite skin color? A gradient between light pink and bright red, which appears when you are hot, cold, as soon as you use "mainstream" cosmetics or even without doing anything in particular.

Fortunately, redness and the sensations that go with it - tightness, burning, discomfort... are not inevitable! If they inevitably limit your choice of skincare products you can tolerate, this is your opportunity to turn to higher-quality products, with simpler formulations and gentler, more natural ingredients.

After numerous laboratory tests, we have made a drastic selection to ensure that only the following ingredients are included in the composition of our skin care products hypoallergenic active ingredients that are extremely respectful reactive to atopic skin. Based on soothing cucumber and certified organic, they will have a calming effect on skin sensitized by the prolonged use of aggressive chemical substances found in many products from the conventional cosmetics industry.

Get rid of anything superfluous: to preserve your fragile skin, a simple routine based on a duo of neutral skincare products will avoid overloading your skin with too many different active ingredients, while giving it just what it needs to become the best version of itself. Because, yes, delicate skin needs super-strong protection to take good care of itself!


Sensitive or reactive skin