Give your skin a glow effect

A range that wakes peeky looks up
and revitalizes dull complexions!

Wow, you're back from vacation? :)

A range with grapefruit, kiwi and tomato ORGANIC designed to brighten skin lacking radiance and revive dull complexions. An energy and vitamin boost to help you recover luminous skinvisibly radiant and bursting with health!

Rekindle the flame of your extinguished skin with these three types of products, which focus on the causes of dullness to better treat them:

    • Cleansing care to clarify the complexion by eliminating the slightest impurities: Frimousse cleansing foam for daily use, reinforced by the action of Sucré Frappé exfoliating scrub which, at the rate of one exfoliation a week, wipes out the dead skin responsible for darkening the complexion.



  • Fatigue-fighting, invigorating skin care products to revitalize features: Brrright concealer, to be applied in the morning to the eye contour area to erase signs of fatigue, and Margar'éclat mask, applied occasionally as a boost to revitalize skin tone in just ten minutes.
Radiance range