Clean your skin

Cleansing products that make your skin look like a new one, to be clean and clear!

Get rid of impurities without losing your skin :)

Washing your face effectively while respecting your epidermis: that's the challenge of a successful facial cleansing routine.
Easier said than done, when many conventional facial cleansers have the disadvantage of stripping the skin with an overly abrasive formulation. A miscalculation: to protect itself, the skin then tends to produce more sebum, the very effect we were trying to avoid...

Our certified ORGANIC skincare products naturally and gently purify the skin, without the skin.
And for impeccably cleansed skin, here are our tips for practicing the art of double cleansing!

    1. Start by gently removing make-up to remove all traces of make-up and the most visible impurities. To do this, use a micellar water or gel applied with a cotton pad: soothing for sensitive skin or mattifying for combination to oily skin.


    1. We follow with an effective cleansing with water thanks to a foaming cleanser that will remove the smallest particles and leave a sensation of truly purified skin: Frimousse radiance foam for normal skin, Magic Mousse anti-imperfections foam for combination to oily skin, The Cleanser cleansing gel for normal to dry skin.


  1. We finish with a thorough cleansing, which will clean your skin in depth ! Once a week, exfoliate your face with the 2-in-1 Sucré Frappé mask & scrub that will remove dead cells and impurities thanks to fine particles of apricot kernels integrated into its melting texture.

Looking for a routine that's already been mapped out, so you can cleanse your skin without having to worry about it? Opt straight for the Deep Cleansing routine, with its 3 products already included: a make-up remover, a cleanser and an exfoliant suitable for all skin types, for effective cleansing in no time at all.

Cleansers and make-up removers