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It's official: washing your hands is good for your health!

Wash your hands, it's for your own good :)

Since Covid, the message has gotten through: good handwashing can save lives. Unbeknownst to us, our hands carry a whole world of microscopic stowaways on a daily basis, some of which do not have only benevolent intentions: without frequent cleaning, say hello flu, germs and other viruses!

If the hydroalcoholic gel disinfects without cleaning, the good old soaps are the only ones to know how to get rid of these unwelcome squatters for good. Old-fashioned solid version, or liquid for the practical side: it's up to you!

    • The Soap 100% natural solid soap is a must-have for any self-respecting bathroom and can also be used on the whole body.


  • The Bubble liquid soap, with its half-liter size and generous lather, will be your long-lasting ally for clean hands that smell good.
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