The Organic Cosmetics 100% Fresh Fruit

Our Organic skincare are made in France!

Locavore from the head to the wings...

My favorite outfit is the blue and white stripped blouse… And it suits me well !
For some people, made in France is a question of fashion when for me this important choice was obvious…

But do, you know why I chose that my Pulps will have the French nationality?
Well, I wanted to bring good mood, colors, fruity and delicious fragrances, however I didn’t want to fly in foreign countries when the my birth place (Provence) is already packed with appetizing and qualitative ingredients.

Here I am Pulpe de Vie! An organic and made in France cosmetic range made from juicy fresh local ingredients (fresh fruit and veggies) directly bought to our small local producers from the South of France.

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I come from France...

…and I keep this beloved made in France and local philosophy in every little thing:

– My fruit and veggies are transformed in a small laboratory in the French Alps
My formulation, manufacturing: Provence
My natural colorants: ochres from Lubéron
My natural floral waters: France
My tubes: South Western France
My natural andf organic olive oil: Small local olive co-op in Provence
My almond, camelina and sunflower oils: France
My airless bottles: Ain
My other cosmetic containers: a factory in Provence
My cardboard boxes: South of France (Bouches du Rhône)

… and then you get… my organic Pulps, manufactured in France, birth !

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A quality and traceability guarantee...

The Hive approximately counts thirty lovely Bees and Bumblebees to actively contribute to our appetizing recipes development, therefore we participate in the local economy improvement.
This philosophy helps us to insure a short network (from harvesting to sale) as well as a real communication with our group of local producers.

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