The Organic Cosmetics 100% Fresh Fruit

Why our Organic skincare are different?

  • A cocktail of anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals!
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Made in France


A lovely country packed with amazing natural resources…


Here you are on the Bees birth place. Made in France, for my Pulps and I, is not a fashion as it is firmly rooted in our appetizing beauty care brand values.


Made in France2_EN

So, it’s simple… I get in supplies of my ingredients in France, my carbon footprint is reduced at its minimum at the source:


  • None of my fresh organic fruit took the place as they all come from South of France.
  • I manufacture and beautify my Pulps in Provence, right next to Aix-en-Provence.
  • My colorants are natural ochres from Lubéron
  • My natural floral waters are from France
  • I print my cardboard boxes, tubes, documents in France on recycled and recyclable paper


Here I am! A small French company that gives its best to make things well at its small level and to support French companies and agriculture.

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Organic fruit expertise


A basket full of fresh juicy and organic fruit, this is our 100% good mood secret ingredient…


Pulpe de Vie, l'Expertise du fruit


  • Powerful anti-oxydants, they preserve and protect the skin against free-radicals and extend skin youth and natural beauty. Our fruits are harvested fresh in they birth region located in the South of France, where they peacefully grow up under the sun from Provence.
  • Once ripe, they are picked up by our small local producers and trasnformed into appetizing waters and oils in a small laboratory in the French Alps.




My passion is:


  • To respect our soils and harvesting seasons
  • To preserve my organic fruit’s natural benefits (vitamins, minerals, anti-oxydants, etc.)
  • To support our small local producers by offering them and additional source of revenue
  • To track the origin and quality of all natural and organic ingredients used in our formulae

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patented ingredients


The Hive has decided to comine the efficiency of our fresh organic fruit to patented ingredients to enhance the efficicy of each skin care…


Actifs Brevetés


To moisturize:

  • Rhizobian gum: double moisturization and refreshing effect
  • Hyaluronic acid: intense moisturizer


For their anti-oxydizing properties:

  • Olive polyphenols


To purify and tone skin:

  • Unsalted sea water


BOURGEONTo fight against lines and wrinkles:

  • Beech buds
  • Hydroxypoline
  • Thristle buds

What does Organic mean to us?


Organic, natural… Any idea on what’s the difference between the two? Natural does not always mean organic whereas Organic always relates to natural, but there is more…


ORGANIC according to Ecocert standards is:

  • At least 95% of the total of the ingredients are from natural origin
  • At least 10% of the total of the ingredients are coming from Organic Farming
  • Less than 5% of synthetic ingredients



Les cosmétiques bio 100% naturelsORGANIC according to Pulpe de Vie is:

  • A minimum of 99.4% of the ingredients are from natural origin (going 100% on face care line)
  • An average of 45% of the ingredients are from Organic Farming
  • At least 20% of fresh organic fruit from our local producers in each skincare
  • Fresh organic fruit replace essential oils (commonly used in organic cosmetics industry) to reduce allergy risks (ideal for sensitive skins)
  • No essential oil to reduce allergy risks (suitable for sensitive skins)
  • Patented ingredients for an even better efficiency



Bees have developed a natural face care line. These skincare are lovely, appetizing, organic and sentive skins have adopted them.