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My Bee, the queen of the biodiversity!

Why choosing a bee?

Because it is the symbol of fertility (it brings fruits to life).
Because it’s an endangered species (mostly due to pesticides) and yet it embodies life.
Because it represents nature in its original state/ in its pure state.
Because ours is quirky, (a bit) crazy … and (totally) endearing.

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We need to worry about our little Bees situation...

Pulpe de Vie is partner with the “Un toit pour les abeilles” (A roof for the bees) who keeps the bees safe and helps the colonies development in association with the beekeepers. Each Pulpe de Vie product helps to protect a little bit more. More information our beekeeper Sarah Holtzmann.

In France, since 1995, nearly 30% of bees colonies disappear each year. Yet:

More than 80% of our plants’ reproduction depends on them; 75% of the crops relies on their work (grains for example).
In France, the work of 20 000 people is involved with bees (honey and other products that hives produce), of which 2 000 are professional beekeepers.

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