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About a Girl Beauty test video 26/02/2013 Description de l’article/vidéo:

A big news on the blog: videos are showing up! For this first one, this will be a “beauty test” of most of the organic skincare range “Pulpe de Vie”. I hope that this little news will please you… additional info below! 😉

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Praline Beauty test and comments 31/07/2011 Description de l’article/vidéo:

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Scène de Beauté TV Beauty 13/10/2010 Description de l’article/vidéo:

Pulpe de Vie is the real French, locavore and made in France brand which is appearing at the Beyond Beauty Paris for the first time!
“A lot of sustainable development… Fresh, young and fun packaging! It is really appetizing, it’s delicious, it makes us want to eat it”

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M6 100% MAG Beauté Beauty 20/09/2010 Description de l’article/vidéo:

“A brand for which I really fell… from Provence.. all skin care are made from fruit and veggies from Provence (South of France)… It smells really good… It puts you immediately in good mood”

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