The Organic Cosmetics 100% Fresh Fruit

Our Fresh Organic fruits!

Our Bees are real Southerners!

The Bees have chosen to settle down in the heart of Provence not only as the region Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur (PACA) is one of the first region famous in France for its riches in fruits.

In 2010, according to the INSEE, the number of exploitations in PACA are closed to 22 100. A region which is facing a real increase of its organic exploitations and shows its love for nature and earth.

And here is the Hive’s birth place, 5th French region (in 2010) for its agricultural surface dedicated to organic farming.

The Bees can peacefully fly locally! Indeed, the Organic farming surface is estimated to 8,2% compared to 3,4% as a national average…

PACA is also on the podium of the Organic wine, fruit, plants and aromates region in France.And here is a local and fruity flying which seduced our little bees…

Why fresh organic fruits in our skin care?

Pulpe de Vie is the fresh, organic and local fruit expert.

We are the only brand to directly buy fresh organic fruit and veggies to our local producers in the South of France, to insure the freshness of all the ingredients componing our skincare. Harvested then transformed in a small French factory in the Southern French Alps, they then become fruit oils and waters packed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals!

We take great care in not using fruits that are meant to be sold as we do not want to draw o food supplies and try to limit food wasting.


Why our Bees like so much our fruits?

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals

  • Powerful natural antioxidants: helps fighting against the effects of pollution, cold, sun, etc.

  • They are real treats for our skin

  • They reveal natural beauty

  • They are good mood enhancer

  • They are local and less impactful on our lovely planet pollution

It is going to drive you bananas and what to take a bite out of our juicy organic skincare, a real concentrate of good mood!